Apostle Lennell D. Caldwell



Lennell D. Caldwell, on May 25, 1978, had a near fatal motorcycle accident

which changed the direction of his life. From that time the Holy Spirit

impressed upon his heart these words ”I dare you to be different”. To

understand the impact of these words, you would have to understand the

old sinful life he lived, in the church, which was not pleasing to God. But

God, by his love, mercy and grace called him out of darkness and brought

him into his marvelous light.


1 Peter 2:9 “…that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called

you out of darkness into his marvelous light:”


Apostle Caldwell is a dynamic preacher with a very unique gift of teaching, which reaches all people. Because of his experience with church, drugs, music and the streets, he is able to relate to all walks of life, thereby bringing people to salvation and repentance through the message of Jesus Christ, (the anointed one with the anointing) that can remove your burdens and destroy your yokes. Apostle Caldwell has taken this life-changing message to the prisons, to hospitals, to the homeless, and to recovery houses.


He recently authored his first book titled Sin Is A Business, which is Apostle Caldwell’s aspiration to the Body of Christ. After many years of studying and watching the demise of the Church while a small helpless voice cried out ~ this is wrong, Dr. E.L. Branch of Third New Hope Baptist Church asked Rev. Caldwell to teach a class entitled “Unmasking Satan”. Even though he was a young boy preacher, this subject sparked and revolutionized Rev. Caldwell’s life to the point that God gave him insight into things that people see and do everyday, yet they never connect it with sin. This powerful book will open your eyes to the Business of Sin so that it will move you into the Business of Righteousness.


His training is from New Era Bible College and William Tyndale College. However, his mentor, teacher and pastor, the late Bishop Jessie T. Stacks of Shalom Temple in Michigan, imparted the greater portion of the anointing. Rev. Caldwell studied under Bishop Stacks over 22 years and made a commitment to keep the teaching of holiness, by the life he lives and through the messages he preach.



Making A Mark In A Man's

Life That Will Never Be Erased.

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