Ministries at First Baptist World Changers International Ministries


We have a broad range of ministries that meet the needs of our members and the community. Our power-packed, Word-based exciting ministries enhance the lives of every individual. We provide life-changing ministry for every age. In addition to regular meetings, there are special events such as conferences, outings and fellowships.


We also offer opportunities for outreach. We minister in various facilities such as nursing homes, shelters, youth homes and prisons. Our community programs are also open to all. We have tutoring, food pantry, mentoring, and credit smart programs.


We offer ministries in the following areas:


Word In Action - Bible Training & Leadership


Our "Word in Action" Bible Training classes are designed for laypersons to further develop and increase their learning in the area of foundational Biblical principles. Developing spiritual maturity and discernment in understanding the scriptures is an essential step in true discipleship. We offer ongoing enrichment classes on various topics, including Marriage and the Family, Holy Spirit, Faith, Prayer and Ministry of Helps.  Classes are held every Sunday morning at 9:00 am


Men's Ministry


Men are impacted and mentored to be prosperous, strong, powerful men in the home, community, church, workplace and the world. This ministry meets every 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Regular conferences and fellowships are a part of this ministry as well.


Women's Ministry


Women are taught the biblical principles that empower every woman in finance, home, business, family, marriage and personal strength. This ministry meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Dynamic conferences and fellowships are a part of this ministry.


GateKeepers Teen Ministry


Gatekeepers Youth Ministry – Guides the youth toward the purpose that God has for their lives. It provides fellowship for our young people ages 13-19, and discussions on today's issues for God lovin' teens.  The group meets every Wednesday at 7:00pm. This ministry also hosts regular outings, conferences and fellowships. Join us!


Children's Ministry


Kinder Care - For children ages 2-4. Lessons are enhanced by the use of puppets, games, hands-on activities, crafts, computers and more... This class meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm and every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday at 11:00 am.


Kingdom Children’s Church – For ages 5-12. This "Superchurch" program for kids is enhanced by technology, skits, puppets, and various interactive activities to make the message of God's Word exciting and engaging in an age-appropriate way. This group meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm and every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday at 11:00 am.


Couple's Ministry


World Changers' Couples Ministry is designed to heal, develop and strengthen marriages and families as described in the scriptures. Individuals and couples are taught in interactive classes, workshops and conferences about proven spiritual principles of relationship. Fellowships and outings are an intricate part of the ministry.  Meeting times are Sunday mornings at 9:00 am on the 3rd Sunday of each month, we have a family potluck dinner immediately following the morning service.


Singles Ministry


SOSS - Sold Out Single Saints


Our singles ministry empowers unmarried adults to be whole and complete as individuals first and foremost. Learning how to be alone without being lonely and how to rely on God's timing empowers single people to be successful in life and in their relationships. Biblical teaching helps them understand how to survive the single life and enjoy it in the fullness of God's righteous plan.  Classes, workshops and singles rallies and conferences enhance this ministry.  Meeting times are every 4th Sunday at 4:00 pm.


Community Ministries


Community Alliance


World Changers Community Alliance ­- Joint venture between the Church and the community to provide tutoring services, job skills training, etc.


Community Outreach


Includes food distribution, clothing rack, shelters ministry, youth home, prison ministry and nursing home ministry.


Worship & Performing Arts


Vocal and Music


Worship Band – provides instrumental praise and accompaniment for services.


Praise Team – Responsible for ushering in the presence of God through songs of worship and praise.


Adult Choir – Sing songs of praise and worship to usher in the presence of God.


Youthful Praise Choir – Youth choir for ages 13-19, sings contemporary praise and worship songs.


Children of Praise – Children’s Choir for ages 5-12, sings contemporary and all types of praise and worship songs.


Performing Arts


Dance Ministry – Ushers the congregation into the presence of the Lord through dance.


Drama Ministry – Provides dramatic presentations of real life situations to illustrate how the power of God can work in every situation or circumstance that may arise.




Intercessory Prayer – Prayer warriors who intercede daily on behalf of the Body of Christ, the community and the world.




Sound Ministry – Responsible for producing quality sound for services, operating all audio and recording equipment.


Video Ministry – Create and produce all video materials to market the church services and operate all video recording, playback and projection equipment.


Media Ministry – Responsible for recording and duplication of audio CD's and video DVD's of services.


Photography Ministry – Responsible for the production of quality still photos during worship services and events.


Ministries of Helps


Deacons – Deacons are those who serve the Pastor as well as the membership. They minister to those with health challenges and assist in various church matters.


Flames of Fire – Ministerial staff.


Ushers – Help to provide order in the church by directing, seating and assisting members and guests during services.


Hospitality/Greeters – Primary doorkeepers, displaying brotherly love while welcoming visitors, guests and members into the House of God.


Culinary Arts Ministry – Responsible for food preparation, serving and all kitchen-related duties.


Cleaning Ministry – Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and order of the facilities in a manner suitable for the House of God.


WIN Evangelism Training Ministry - Assists with training saints in effective witnessing.


We also offer opportunities for outreach. We minister in various facilities such as nursing homes, shelters, youth homes and prisons. Our community programs are also open to all. We have tutoring, food pantry, mentoring, and credit smart programs.



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